If you were at the Saturday evening mass on 2 Feb, you would have seen the commissioning of the Youth Facilitators, who assist in Catechism classes by ministering to young people and being a bridge between the teens and the catechists. AARON CHUA is a teen undergoing the Youth Formation Programme, having just kicked off for a second year, and his experiences in the weekly formation sessions.

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SO. YFP. today was quite interesting, really. and good. like for example, we weren’t taxed for coming late 🙂 and today, welcome and farewell greetings were done in mandarin! last week was latin. i think thats so cool. hahhaha

YFP today was quite fun. everyone sort of had gotten used to the way francis conducted his lessons, and more or less were able to guess the correct answer, but in different words. so classes take on a more interesting meaning, and we’re given new insight that we never would have been able to take on on our own. like, in matthew 11.25, ‘.. hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants.’ frankly, i would NEVER have guessed why Jesus chose to show his secrets to ‘children’, and it was because infants were so vulnerable, and that they were submissive to god, and that they recognised that they NEEDED God. i mean, WHA? before this course, i would never be close to answering like this. so with the class picking on, everyone was exposed to different and intelligent interpretations of the passages.

YFP isnt all about God and sharings and discussions. the later part of the class, for about 45mins, Colin takes over, and we do a personal activity. CONFUSING, but helpful nevertheless! i mean, this really stand out from those courses or whatever, because it very clearly segregates everything that affects us, and like, TADA, the secrets and mysteries to what we are, are there on that piece of paper.

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this week, two of us were already shortlisted to attend the confirmation classes. quite early, but i guess, if it’s God’s will, it will be in our stride. next week, another two.