How would you have reacted if Jesus were to wash your feet?


On Holy Thursday, twelve Holy Family parishioners had their feet washed by the priests in imitation of the Last Supper. This is an annual practice corresponding to the Gospel of John (13:1-15). One of the twelve, JOSHUA TEO, a Youth Councillor and Youth Facilitator, shares his experience on being chosen.

"He began to wash the disciples' feet"

"He began to wash the disciples' feet"

It started with Andrew (a YFP formator) asking generally at YFP  if anyone would like to get their feet washed on holy thursday. I playfully raised my hand as I was sure he knew I was joking. But then later that night, he called me and asked me if I was serious. Sensing that he was kinda in need of a participant, I told him I would do it if he could not find anyone else who wanted to have their feet washed. I din hear from him since then so I thought that he had found someone.

A week or so later, Peter (a liturgical committee representative) messaged me and asked if I wanted to get my feet washed and since Peter is Andrew’s brother I thought Andrew had asked him to tell me that Andrew could not find anyone else. But then Peter told me that I was the first person he thought of. So then I realised that it was not related, and I do not quite know why but I just felt like I should say yes, and so I did.

When the day came, I was quite nervous not knowing: if I had to sit with some people I did not know, what I had to wear and whether it would be awkward. I ended up wearing a tee-shirt and jeans and sitting with my friends. As I was walking up to the altar to get my feet washed I realised that everyone else (other representatives) had sat quite close to each other and I was the only one who walked from quite far away, it felt so awkward! And I was afraid that some people might think I was not chosen but just decided to go and get my feet washed anyway. I decided to not think about anything and just went up and sat down. What was said in the bible about when u wash a persons feet you create a bond that cannot be created otherwise is so true! Right after father chris washed my feet and we hugged in peace, I felt this whole new sense of respect for him. I can understand now why Jesus wanted to wash the disciples feet.

Ya so thats what I felt on holy thursday when I had my feet washed. It was also really cold =)