Playing Taboo

Playing Taboo

Loompa Loompa was a YOUhf boardgames night event held informally at 3 Sea one Friday evening.

There were only a handful of people when we first started playing (at around 7.45pm) but later on more and more people came! Everyone was invited to bring games and snacks to share so there were a number of games available, ranging from strategy card games like Guillotine to hand-eye coordination games like Uno Stacko. But most of us ended up playing the ever-popular favourite: Taboo. We were having such a hilarious time laughing and playing that we were even told off by a nearby prayer group. Oops.

We received quite a good turnout in the end, maybe about twenty youth. But what was great about it was that everyone was from different ministries and groups and of varying ages. We also saw familiar faces from YFP, camps and other past events. Before the church closed, we gathered in a circle to thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend a short but enjoyable time together as friends at the end of a busy week.

The thing about Loompa Loompa is that it’s a fun and non-threatening event in a casual setting, providing an opportunity for the parish youth and our friends to come together in fellowship. Furthermore, Loompa Loompa can be organised/initiated/hosted by anybody, as there’s no real planning involved. Simply have to spread the word!

The next Loompa Loompa night will be held on Friday 24 April, 730pm @ Emmaus House #02-01