“Although (my father) encouraged us to pray The Father and the Hail Mary at school, he forbade us from doing so at home where only praying to our ancestors was allowed. This was because he believed that as Chinese, we should not follow a Western religion…”

– Quote an article from the latest copy of the CatholicNews

Is Christianity really a Western religion? This short paragraph above prompted me to do a little research about the history of the church. 

A teacher from the Middle East – One of the few thangkas of Jesus
Drawn with inspirations from Mark 10: 13-16

Christianity originated not from Italy or France, but from the Middle East. Is Middle East considered to be at the East or at the West side of the world? I would say they’re generally smacked in the middle. In fact, Christianity is considered to be an Abrahamic religion – click HERE for more explanations about what an Abrahamic religion means.

So why is Christianity so often considered to be a Western religion?

This is because of the movement of the expansion of Christianity. With the evangelisation duties of the disciples as well as the invasion of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire, this spells the expansion of our religion. The church being one of the oldest institutions in the world, also played a tremendous role in the development of the history of Western civilisation.

Perhaps if there weren’t any political conflicts between the interests of the imperial courts of ancient China and the missionaries, the hatred for Christianity associated with the imperialism in the 18th and 19th century,  as well as the rise of the communism, Christianity would probably be considered to be an Asian/Eastern religion today!

What say you?


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