The Youth Council has traditionally given out handmade rosaries as presents to newly confirmed teens. This year, together with our friends from other Holy Family ministries, such as the ‘youth wing’ of St David’s Choir, we made 77 of them! We hope that you pray them often and that they will serve as a reminder of the support of YOUhf for you!

Here’s the Rosary Army website with instructions on how to make your own twine rosary. It’s pretty easy, once you get used to it. The website also contains useful links on how to pray the rosary, why we pray the rosary and other good stuff.

Did a bit of googling and stumbled upon this World Mission Rosary, which I think is really cool. The interactive site actually provides input for meditation to pray right in front of your computer, soothing music included.

World Mission Rosary

World Mission Rosary

What is the World Mission Rosary?

The World Mission Rosary was envisioned by Archbishop John Fulton Sheen, then the national director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, in 1951. He made the request on a radio show that his listeners “Embrace the world in prayer.” To do so he introduced this Rosary.

Its uniqueness is in the five colors represented in each of the decades. Color symbolism in a rosary is a gentle reminder on which to focus our prayers.

This rosary honors the work of mission, our call to be missioners, and world unity and peace through its special emphasis on each of the Earth’s regions, where prayers are needed and our brothers and sisters in Christ live and play and pray just like each of us! Each region is represented by a different color, it is not only a beautiful rosary, but rich in symbolism.

What are the colors/areas of the Mission Rosary?

  • Green – for the forests and grasslands of Africa (green is also a sacred color for the Muslims)
  • Redcalling to mind the fire of faith that brought missioners to the Americas (US, Canada, Latin America and Native Americans)
  • Whitesymbolizing Europe, the home of the Holy Father
  • Bluefor the ocean surrounding the Islands of the Pacific (Australia/Oceania)
  • Yellowsymbolizing the morning light of the East and ‘beginning of civilization’ for Asia/ Middle East