For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been told that second is not good enough. Being first is the mark of success! First in exams (of course!), first to buy the newest mobile phone, first in the queue for those concert tickets. First into the store for the Great Singapore Sale, and first out of the church after Mass!

So when i received an email teaser from, a Christian video sharing site, proudly announcing that Jason Castro from American Idol Season 7 was second, I just HAD to find out who was first!

What I found was “I am second” ( – a movement where actors, athletes, musicians and ordinary people share their stories, their struggles and their realisation… that they are second, not first. I was moved by the honest sharings and testimony… I was moved to ask myself if my life’s purpose was to be first, rather than second.

I am second.

What about you?