Our Saint for the day is St. Bede!

An author and scholar, St Bede was made a Doctor of the Church by Leo XIII, a position of theological significance.

Why was he so chosen to be our Saint of the day?
(Clue: Think May)


St. Bede has this immese love and admiration for the spirituality of Mother Mary. More would be explained in the prayer below.. 

Just a thought – Do you see the correlation between the Saints and their devotion to Mary? hmmmm 😉


May 25 (faith like Mary’s)

Blessed Lord, Saint Bede combined contemplative prayer with theological studies, always hungry to discover more of the riches of the Faith.

He especially admired the spirituality of the Blessed Mother, because: “Mary attributes nothing to her own merits. She refers all her greatness to the gift of One whose essence is power and whose nature is greatness, for He fills with greatness and strength the small and the weak who believe in Him.”

I ask Saint Bede to pray for me to become more like Mary, humble and aware of my need for You, so that I may grow in the riches of true Faith. Saint Bede, pray for me.