Have you gotten your tickets for Paul the Musical?

It’s coming RIGHT UP from the 26-28 June 2009 and we’re proud to say that one TWO (edited: Thanks Pete) of our youth will be involved in the acting! (Wanna be involved in the musical? Continue reading after St. Barnabas for more!)

Today, 11/6/09 (date written just in case this entry comes in a tad late), is the feast day of St Barnabas. St Barnabas also plays a HUGE role in Paul the Musical because he was St Paul’s companion.

St Barnabas (originally Joseph), though wasn’t one of the 12 disciples, he was honoured as one in Holy Scriptures. He sponsored St Paul to get him to be accepted by the disciples, since they couldn’t believe that he converted in  Christ after being infamous for persecuting Christians. He was also an important figure in the foundation of the early church as well as the spread of the Gospel. St Barnabas is also mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles as well as in some of St. Paul’s letters.

The apostles gave him the Hebrew name Barnabas, which means “Son of Encouragement”, in honour of his work in the church.

The intercession of St Barnabas to aid in Holy Attitudes

Most Holy Spirit, Saint Barnabas was converted shortly after Pentecost, and he gave up all his possessions in order to detach from the world and follow the way of Christ to Heaven. His helpful, compassionate and optimistic nature inspired other new Christians, including Saint Paul.

I ask him to pray for my attitudes. Loving God, help me to convert any negativity that’s within me into an optimism that comes from hoping and trusting in You. Deliver me from selfishness and turn it into a generosity that benefits the people who need my help. Anoint me to become an inspiration for others.

Saint Barnabas, pray for me. Amen.

Wanna somehow be involved in the musical but you can’t act?
Fret not! There’s always something for us out there… and the people of Paul the Musical has made it possible by initiating “To Paul With Love”.

What’s that?
It’s a way for us to offer our prayers and messages for the production crew at Paul the Musical. Showing affirmations (fuzzy letters!) and support to the crew is the least we could do! “To Paul With Love” aims for a minimum of 600 notes so that each crew can hold on to at least 3 notes when the going gets tough.

But Church of St Mary of the Angels is too far…
Email your prayers and fuzzy letters to topaulwithlove@paulthemusical.stmary.sg and they’ll fill up the cards for you!