How's your bible memory?

How's your bible memory?

Dear brothers and sisters-in-Christ,

Last Saturday/Sunday marked the launch of Holy Family’s Bible Quiz. Response was rather encouraging as efforts were made to distribute the Quiz Forms to as many parishioners (as can be managed) at the various church entrances. The Forms and a Drop-in Box were also left in the canteen.

This week and next …..

Quiz Forms and Drop-in Boxes are left at the 3 church entrances throughout the week, this and the next weekend. Pls participate (and encourage your MOGs, SCCs, friends and family to do so, too!!) in the Bible Quiz. It’s multiple-choice, and T or F – and fairly easy based on feedback from parishioners. Kids – age 6 to 12 – are strongly encouraged to participate in the Quiz as questions relate to the parables and stories in the Bible.

If each of us does our bit to participate and encourage others to do the same, the objective of increasing awareness of the Bible as the Living Word of God in our lives will be achieved. Hence, the Bible Quiz and the very reason why July 11/12 ’09 is marked as Bible Sunday in the Church’s calendar. Additionally, PRIZES ARE TO BE WON!

More Bible Quiz Forms will be printed for this weekend. So, take and enter as many Quiz Forms as you and your friends would like. THE MORE THE MERRIER!

God Bless and have a joyful week ahead!