Is this your idea of sport?

We don’t know why, but every time Sports Sunday comes around, it rains. Lightly. Intermittenly. Heavily. But it doesn’t matter, we’re still out there!

Sports Sundays are rare and precious occasions, only occurring the first Sunday of each month, since Sunday is respected as a day of rest and for spending time with family. Once a month, though, Holy Family youth and our friends come together at Katong Park to play, run, sweat and simply have a ball of a time.

Games @ Katong Park

Games @ Katong Park

There’s just something about the fresh air and the green environment that lifts the spirit, and makes us want to give thanks to the Lord for His providence. So we always begin by gathering in prayer, offering our day and all the fun that we know we are going to have, to Him.

Playing Soccer with a Volleyball

Playing Soccer with a volleyball

And then it’s time to play! It doesn’t take much for a bunch of youth to have fun in sports. It doesn’t matter if we play captain’s ball with a football, play soccer with a volleyball, have no boundary markers, or use water bottles as goal posts. We make do. One of the great things about Sports Sundays is that everything’s casual and we get to make up our own rules. For example, we may decide that only girls can score, we only score below the waist and the goalie can’t use his hands.

It doesn’t matter if we aren’t that confident in dribbling a ball or throwing or catching a frisbee. That’s what teammates are for. Everyone has their strengths and we make use of each person in the team to our advantage. And win or lose, who’s really keeping score? All we know is that we’re getting a great workout, lots of laughs (and screams) and bonding with new friends.

When we need a break, that’s when things get really wacky. Waiting out the rain at the last Sports Sunday, “indoor” games we played ranged from our own version of ‘heart attack’ to attempting to bounce-shoot a tennis ball into a shoe. Not forgetting round-a-tree-frisbee-tossing and ninja warrior-esque playground escapades of course.

And when we wake up the next morning with aches and pains in every joint in our bodies…

…we’re glad to be reminded of the experience all over again.

Sports Sundays are run by The Outdoor Team (aka T.O.Ties) and held every first Sunday of the month at Katong Park from 2.30-5.30pm. For enquiries, email: hfctoties@gmail.com