We all know who's at the end of this road...

We all know who's at the end of this road...

I grew up not knowing much about Christianity, even though I was sent to a Catholic kindergarten. Being brought up in a family which believed in God but practiced no religion, I was more or less badly equipped when I started coming to Holy Family regularly for mass since April 2008. I was slowly learning things and picking up new knowledge along the way, and I’ve made many friends who’re encouraging and willing to help me in finding my faith.


Yesterday I was at GoldKist chalet in East Coast Park for an army cohesion meant for all those who were going to ORD (complete their two years of national service) this Friday. Since it was an all-guys thing, it got pretty wild in the night when people started playing drinking games and puking all over the basins. Deciding that I should have some personal time alone, I headed off to the beach.


Two weeks back, I met my friend for lunch and she shared with me the story of the time when God instructed Moses to go up Mount Horeb alone to collect the Ten Commandments. She was telling me all about how much she wanted to spend some personal time with God, and how she was looking forward to “climbing her personal mountain” to come across Him. My friend knew that it was probably going to be a tough journey which she would have to fight by herself, but she was prepared to overcome it with her faith and will. I felt very inspired by her words; I felt like I needed something like that to help me nurture my faith.


With her recount in mind, I walked the beach barefooted while holding on to my slippers in my hand, my camera bag slung over my right shoulder and my copy of “Novena Devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help” in it. Without any footwear on, I felt the pain of the sand against the soles of my feet. However, the gentle waves from the shore would sweep against my feet from time to time and make it feel better. Somehow I was able to liken this situation to how God being there for us in our times of need, how He would give us strength to carry on moving ahead.


Although this might seem insignificant, the realization of how simple a lesson I was taught by walking along the shore overwhelmed me. Earlier that night I hoped that maybe this alone-time would help me reconnect with God, and I’m glad that it did. As I explained earlier in this post, I’m not very well-versed with Christianity at all. But maybe this little lesson would be the beginning of my journey up my mountain, and one day I might just be able to see Him in all His wonders.