I’ve just gone through a couple of weeks of bad times in army. Things didn’t go as planned, and it seemed like nothing was working out for me. I feared the worst; that my remaining one year in the service would be just full of bad memories.

I remember spending the Sunday after that bad week praying very hard before mass. And even though I felt resentment, I prayed for those whom I felt have wronged me. I also prayed for those who stood by me through this tough period in life and all. The rest of the day was spent celebrating a friend’s birthday right after choir practice, when I ran out halfway through the session with another friend to grab a cake from a nearby bakery. I was reminded of how friends can just make things funnier and easy to bear. Frankly, I was prepared for another week of sadness, disappointment and “emo” moments. But somehow spending the entire day out with friends made me feel much better. I love you guys loads.

On the following Monday, I found out that I was transferred out of my old workplace and into a new one, where I was actually given a chance to do something I actually like. I was reassigned to a captain (army regular) and was tasked to design 12 posters for my unit under his kindness and care. Right away I felt how that this wasn’t just luck, being able to do some work to help build my design portfolio for my university admission. I believed that God was there with me during my tough times, and after learning valuable lessons He gave me a chance to help me grow up and leave things of the past behind me. I spent the entire week feeling very happy and was in constant high spirits.

You know how sometimes you experience something so awesome you feel that it’s gonna happen everytime? Well the best part of this recount was two days ago, I was waiting for the bus to bring me from Yishun back to Tampines. When I saw my bus arriving, there were a whole lot of people who started shifting in their spots, also preparing to go up that bus. I admit that I’m very lazy and all and I would prefer to sit down than to rub bodies with the many people standing (but this doesn’t stop from giving up my seat to the elderly, the pregnant, the sick and the lame!).

So guess what I did? Well for one I was still “high” from the fact that I was under a new army regular who was so much nicer and more understanding than the previous one. And I also believed that if i prayed, anything could happen.

As the bus rolled over to the bus-stop, I started saying “In the name of the Father! The Son! And the Holy Spiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” like a ring announcer introducing one of the two boxers taking part in a boxing match, and I said this out loud. People turned to look at me, but I didn’t care. Lo and behold, the bus stopped right in front of me (I nearly screamed “Amen!” at the top of my lungs) and I was able to get a seat in the already-crowded bus. I was so happy that I immediately fell asleep after a long day of staring at my computer screen editing photos for the posters.

Now I just wish that everytime something good/bad happens, I would just remember to place my faith in Him and know that whatever happens, He’s there. It’ll be great if I made this a habit. And for those of you who do this sort of thing like me, please go check out this group on Facebook called Train Crossing