Christ_The_Lordroad to cana                                                                                                                                                       Say ‘Anne Rice’  to someone and chances are the one of the first things your friend would say in response is ‘Vampire’.

But now you can educate them otherwise! The famous vampire books author has written two wonderful novels about the life of Christ and I think they’re a wonderful way to discover more about Jesus’ incarnation.

If you’ve ever been in some crazy situation and wondered what Our Lord would have done, these two highly-researched, biblically-based works of fiction offer some insight into what could have very well been Jesus’ thoughts, feelings and actions.

Start with Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. You will be immediately immersed into the sights and sounds of the world that Jesus was born into. Meet Joseph, Mary, and all their relatives. Hear the stories that have been passed down from age to age. Get to know the culture of the region. Anne Rice writes the novel in the persona of Jesus, or Yeshua. So what you read is all from Yeshua’s perspective.

Did Jesus have supernatural power? How did he find out that he was the Son of God? How did the Holy Family behave at that time?

Then, pick up Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana. Now, Yeshua is a grown man, dealing with issues grown men need to deal with. If you’ve ever wondered if Jesus might have had a crush on a girl, read on. Did he have any friends? Exactly what sort of a man was he?

Anne Rice’s two novels offer an exceptional delve into the mind and the life of Christ. Although most of the storyline is created in her imagination, those well-versed in the Gospels will recognise and appreciate the plot narratives as well as the characters. Historical context is also highly regarded.

As a Catholic, I really felt that these books helped me to get to know and understand Jesus better, and recognize more clearly the fully-human side of Christ too. And it gives me courage to know that Our Lord has also lived in the same world we are now living in, and if he lived a perfect life, then there is hope that we all can too.

I highly recommend these two reads! And I can’t wait for the last instalment. Those who’ve already read them, why not let us know what you think too?

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