The next morning, Material Girl was rudely awakened by an uncommonly shrill screech made by one of those pesky island parrots.

She felt helpless.

Having failed to either start a fire or build a shelter, she had just spent the cold, wet night sitting upright against a coconut tree, and was now suffering from backache, neck ache and all kinds of aches.

Regretfully, she recalled how she had taken Mona, her masseuse, for granted aboard the luxury cruiser, “The World”, expecting immediate service at her beck and call, even during Mona’s break time. She could really have done with a good massage right about then.

What a tragedy that the great storm had destroyed every inch of the ship. It was nowhere to be seen on the horizon. “All my precious possessions would be at the bottom of the ocean by now”, she thought. “My phone, designer clothes, brand-new shoes that made me the envy of all the rest…”

It was only then that she remembered her travelling companions: Ken, Barbie, Paris, Tinkerbell and the others, and wondered what had become of them. Did they survive the wreck of “The World”? Then the fleeting thought about someone other than herself drifted away, and she started to pout again.

So she had somehow managed to save herself by swimming to shore. She still had no idea how to survive The Island…

This has been a publicity article for Camp Seven: SURVIVOR! 2009