Material Girl was hungry. She hadn’t eaten for two whole days now, hoping that she would be rescued bef0re she would have to eat any weird island produce. But now it was a matter of survival and so she started to look around.

Combing the beach for an hour, she finally spotted a small oval-shaped item at the bottom of a tree. She cringed as she gingerly picked up the dirty, slightly over-ripe papaya and peeled away its loose skin to reveal the sweet, mushy red flesh beneath. She lifted the fruit to her mouth and just as she was about to take a bite, she caught sight of a couple of tiny ants crawling on its surface.

“EWW EWW EEWWW!” She shrieked as she violently hurled the perfectly good papaya into the ocean. Then, realising that she had stupidly tossed out the only article of sustenance that she had found on the beach so far, she mentally kicked herself.

It was habit after all, practically a reflex action, to throw out any food that didn’t suit her fancy. Back at her mansion, the trash bags were always full of half-eaten food, mostly green, because she hated eating vegetables. Who cared about nutrition when she looked as good as she did anyway?

But now, being deprived of food on the island made her realise how wasteful she had been. “Well, at least I have no lack of water for now,” She gratefully acknowledged for the first time. “How fortunate that a crate of Perrier managed to float ashore intact!” Unbeknownst to Material Girl, she was starting to develop a conscience.

Just then, her stomach rumbled and she remembered her hunger. Determined to survive, she decided she would gather her courage and venture through the trees, into the jungle. She hoped there would be more fruit trees there. About 200 metres in, Material Girl stopped. Were those voices she heard? Carefully following the sounds, she made her way through a dense clump of shrubbery and found herself at the edge of a steep slope. Looking down into a clearing, she spotted the source of the sounds. A village! She was saved!

Unless…they were cannibals…

This has been a publicity article for Camp Seven: SURVIVOR! 2009