What DO you do in between Sundays?  After Mass is over, perhaps forgotten… what was the Gospel again? 

Where does God go in between Sundays?  (Yup… Monday to Saturday… All of them!!!!)   Does he take a break and listen to angels play their harps and electric violins? Or is he still waiting for us to stop by for a cuppa Nespresso and a chat mid week? Maybe a yummy scoop of ice-cream while watching a sunset together?

I recently discovered a podcast (like online radio show!) for Catholic young  adults, with many new and creative ways to grow in body, mind, spirit and soul for ‘the other six days of the week’!  Structured like a 45-60 min radio show… just nice for the bus/MRT ride to work or home.

In Between Sundays – A podcast for young adults.

Sound interesting?  Check the podcasts out here:    http://inbetweensundays.com

or on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/inbetweensundays?ref=mf

 or you can subscribe to it on iTunes