What would you say to Jesus if you met him?

It was a question that I was confronted with today during our regular prayer meeting and it was also a question I’d feared to answer all week. But let’s start from the beginning. Our reflection this evening was based on the weekend’s Gospel story.

In a nutshell, Jesus visits a group of fishermen weary after a long night’s work. He gives them a simple instruction, “put out into the deep”, and suddenly their nets are filled to bursting point.

Peter falls to his knees before Jesus

Peter falls to his knees before Jesus

Peter then falls to his knees before Jesus exclaiming “Depart from me, Lord, I am a sinful man!” In response Jesus commissions them as his first apostles, leading them away from their fishing nets and towards their future ministry of evangelisation and service.

It is a powerful scene, made even more so by my apostolic namesake’s dramatic actions. As we reflected today, I was also reminded of the crazy drama that filled my week, and as I thought about all the people I encountered, I realised that I had failed to see Jesus in each of them. There were so many situations – some bad, many good and I’d failed to see my God present in such a powerful way. I had reacted according to my own self-interest, saying the things that would get me what I wanted, and ignoring duty and obligation by writing them off as less important. I too felt the need to fall on my knees and tell God to leave me, but strangely enough, I stayed, because I wanted… needed to hear what his next words were.

“Do not be afraid.” Fear was something I had to overcome, if I was to ever discover His will for me, and if I were to have the courage and determination to reach for it. I believe the prayer meet helped me take the first steps towards that goal.

So thank you, Prayer Meet Team, especially Andrew, Sharon, Ger and Tammy. And Happy Birthday Steph! =D Thank you all for always giving you 110% regardless of who comes. Tonight’s prayer meet was especially meaningful because we used the 4th floor room (which had previously only been used for DYTM sessions) for it’s first deep, reflective prayer session. The change of location went a long way in breaking the routine monotony that prayer meets unfortunately took on over the years. Thank you for also taking the effort to set up everything way before hand, and transiting smoothly from the regular prayer meet style to something rather different. It really made a big difference to my experience.

Prayer Meets are every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month unless informed in advance. Please contact any of the Prayer Meet Team at hfyouthcouncil@gmail.com if you’re interested!|