hey guys. this is my first time posting from overseas and i just felt like sharing on a different platform for once. try something new out for a change. well…. here goes. i came for this whole 6 week industrial training with no real expectations except that its gonna be long and that there’s a high chance i’ll get homesick. but honestly i did not feel anything during the first 2 and a half weeks. i did my assignments, followed curfew and generally tried to make this the best experience it can be.
but as the days went by i noticed something. some classmates started teasing me since i was always alone (long story there), even to the point they’re referring to me when im right in front of them. so the loneliness started creeping in. i felt as though i didnt belong. i questioned myself if i had made the right decision coming here. that was on the 19th, thurs afternoon to be more exact.
but its amazing how God works his little miracles in each of us. the first night in Taipei on the way back to the hostel i was given the opportunity to talk to a fellow course mate whom i’ve never really talked to before and i must say i learnt alot about ns and through him. not forgetting knowing more things about him too. also, when i reached back there was free wi fi (YAY!) and that my bunk mates were my caretaker and the same bunk mate in the uni in Hsinchu. and they werent that bad. i got along well with both.
but that isnt the best part. today i went out with another bunch of SP students who are on the same trip as me but from a different course. i had introduced myself to them during a previous nights bbq but i still felt a little “extra” around them. until today. they accepted me like one of their own and i started talking to some of them. more than i did since coming here actually. and it has been by far one of the best days of the trip.
this just taught me when u feel lonely and as though everyone has abandoned you God will never leave your side. kinda reminds me of the story about the footprints on the beach.
as the program passes its halfway mark i know that this is a test of faith from God, to see how i will survive in the real world without the community for backup or to share any problems i may encounter. nonetheless im gonna keep praying and reflecting on the daily gospel. not forgetting action; to see God in the little things around me. the people, places and new experiences.