Today I had an unfortunate event with a bus driver. It happened just opposite Church. 2 buses came to the bus stop one is bus 10 and the other 12 (my bus). Bus 10 was in front of bus 12. It was red light and both buses just remained that’s cause it’s the red light. I was opposite the road and gave a sprint. Just before reaching the bus, the bus driver of bus 12 decided to be impatient and made a turn to the next Lane trying to overtake bus 10. But he was stuck because it was the red light. 

At this point 2 things have happened. 1) bus 12, which was not fully in the bus stop have decided to turn out without looking if there are more passengers in the bus stop. 
2) he was blocking the road as bus 10 is still stationary and thus not allowing bus 12 to move. 

At this point I decided to ask the uncle to let me into the bus since it was his fault for being impatient. But to my surprise, he just went and shoo me away! Like literally using his body language. And I was extremely infuriated!  So many terrible things came to my head. But thank God for being there and gave me a clear mind in  that short time to prevent me from doing something stupid. So thank God.

However the real message came after much reflection upon the incident. 

I think God gave me an opportunity to be a Christian and an opportunity to understand the pain of being rejected. 

I felt really angry because i was innocent (in the right) yet i was rejected. And that reminded me of Jesus. Being innocent and yet he too was rejected. And in his suffering he forgives and blesses us. 

This incident reminded me about my relationship with Jesus. There are times when I have rejected him for my own selfishness. But he always forgives me and blesses me. And that called me to do what our Lord has done for us. To forgive those who have sinned me as God has forgiven mine. And give them your blessings. 

I guess this is one of my crosses as a disciple of Christ.