On Friday, we watched a contemporary dance video.

Initially I thought is was a really nice dance video, that’s all. It wasn’t the first time I saw it during session. However, it was only during our time of prayer that I realised that the dance video taught me things about God.

In the video, there was a couple dancing. The guy lifted up the girl so effortlessly above his head and threw her in the air and caught her. He must’ve been so strong! And maybe we did not notice it, but it also required a lot of strength from the girl in order to dance. (the core strength!!!)

That really reminded me — When we trust in God for something, it’s not as if we go completely unprepared for an exam and expect to get an A. But rather, it is when we put in our best (our core strength!) and surrender to God and let him do the rest!

We can never fall down when God lifts us up.