we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord this Sunday, we remember the ‘initiation
‘ that Jesus started his public ministry. We too, have experienced this
same Baptism: our first Sacrament of Initiation immersed us into the life of
Christ. At our Baptism, God the Father says to each of us, This
is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.
Ever since my initiation, I have been given the eyes of faith
which has reminded me constantly that there is more than meet the eye, more
than the physical realm.
The Bible is more than just a book. It is the Word of God
which inspires me to live my life meaningfully and purposefully. Every time I
read it, God speaks through the words to me in the present moment of my life.
Our God is the God of the present.
The crucifix is more than Jesus hung on the cross. It a
reminder of the power of sacrifice. The sacrifice that God has done for me and
the sacrifice that I can give. A great reminder for me to always learn to
surrender and let go of my problems and trust that the Lord knows what is best
for me. By listening to him, I learn to be the best I can be.
The candle is more than a mere light
but a light of hope. A flame that burns despite the winds and difficult times.
It is a reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit. When I have the power of the
Holy Spirit, I am burning with the love of Christ in my heart to help and
empower others. As others have been a light to me, I too can be a light to

are so many other signs and symbols of our faith that point to something
greater than the physical world. What are they? This video reminds us of our
lives as being something greater.

How can I learn to live and
extraordinary life?
How can I remember my identity as a beloved son/daughter of God more and more?