Yesterday was awesome! I became a Godmother to two lovely kids, and I got my hands on the new Acer Chromebook, which is free! Simply because I signed up for Starhub cable broadband.

Anyway, Praise God that my brother and his whole family came for mass yesterday with us! I was fretting about things like what if they don’t understand, what if they are not used to it, what if they’re lost, and many more what ifs. It then went on to should I sit with them instead of with the choir? Blahblahblah. But as though sensing my dilemma, my mum told to go ahead to sit with the choir. After which I felt a voice telling me to let go and let Him take over. When I surrendered my worries, I felt so free and at ease. Then I realised that some things are beyond my control and my lack of trust in God. Why all that worry when God would make things way better than I could. Once again, God works in mysterious way, this time to remind me to letting go and trusting in Him.

Let go and let Him 🙂