YOUhf Groups!

YOUhf Ministries, Organisations and Groups (MOGs) at Holy Family Church:

Altar Servers’ Society

The Mission of the organization is to serve The Almighty One through serving with due reverence during Eucharistic banquets. With The Almighty One as our Father, Mary as our Mother, Jesus who is our Brother, the Holy Spirit, our guide and strength and our patron saint St Stephen as our co-servers in heaven.

Contact: Ryan Koh –

Children’s Liturgy – Youth Wing

The Youth Wing of the Liturgy of the Word for children present the Mass Liturgy at a level that the children can understand and appreciate. They make the Mass come alive for the children through visual communication such as drama, story telling, puppet plays and many more mediums. Special activities are organised during important periods of the Liturgical Year namely Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Children’s Day and Advent.

Contact: Andrew Lin –

Genesis II Choirgii

Genesis II Youth Choir sings for the Saturday 6:00pm Mass. Choir practices are on Saturday afternoons. GII also conducts monthly spiritual input sessions for their members. Check out their website!


Seraphic Embrace

“Praise Him with the tambourine and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and organs.” – Psalm 150:4

Seraphic Embrace seeks to glorify God with their musical gifts and talents. Specialising in Praise and Worship, the band is instrumental to guiding young people to discover and embrace God’s love and express their gratitude through song.

Faithfully serving at confirmation-level and youth camps.

Contact: Leonard Foo –

YOUhf Teams

Teams are made up of like-minded youth with a desire to serve God and the community. Join an existing team or start up your own today!

  • T.O.Tiestoties

The Outdoor Team, affectionately known as T.O.Ties, are a energetic and nature-loving bunch. They desire to serve by organising exciting sporting and outdoor activities where youth can bond over sweaty, exhilarating experiences and an appreciation for God’s beautiful creation.

Contact: Andrew –

Youth Facilitatorsyfs1

To walk as friends in a journey of faith. That’s the goal of the Youth Facilitators (YF). YFs work hand in hand with their respective confirmation level catechists to plan lessons. But first and foremost, a YF is a friend to the teens; facilitates sharings in class; and acts as a bridge between the teens and catechists.

Contact: Andrew –

Youth Formation Programme

A broad-based 24-week foundational programme aimed at developing Holy Family Parish Youth (aged 17 – 21) in a holistic way. It has one main objective: “To help every participant realize their catholic identity & their latent gifts.”

The programme is focused on helping each participant lean more about yourselves and along the way, grow holistically. The syllabus focuses on Discipleship (how we can grow in faith), Leadership (how we can nurture others) and Fellowship (how we can work together).



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