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8 thoughts on “Tag!”

  1. pristeph said:

    HI EVERYONE! Priscilla here and I’m of the 2 webmistresses 😀

  2. pristeph said:

    So… What does Mother Mary mean to you?

  3. sharon said:

    Hi! For anyone interested in attending the Youth In The Spirit Seminar, please click the link below to find out more. It’s organized by the Amplify Ministry at the Catholic Spirituality Centre.


  4. congrats on your new and uplifting blog for the youths at Holy Fam! 🙂

    live long and prosper and may the force be with you all! 😉

  5. cool! hi fr aloy! how did u find us?

  6. Congratulations to those confirmed this evening! We were very happy to share in the joyous occasion with you.

    Do take a look at the various youth ministries available under the “MOGs” page if you are looking for a community to enrich your spiritual journey, and “Events” for more opportunities to meet with the youth of the parish!

    Anyone interested in writing an article about your Confirmation experience?

  7. @sharonlin: found you? I think thru ‘the spark’ blog 😀

    btw, congrats to all those teens who have gotten confirmed!

  8. Hi everyone, just thought I’d let you know that YOUhf.Wordpress has been getting an average of 100+ hits a week! Do continue to visit and link us from your webpages! =D

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